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Project Management Services by HJK Management Ltd provides property owners, developers, construction companies, local government, schools and public corporations in Southland, Otago and the lower South Island with cost-effective supervision and management for a wide range of projects including of their project planning and feasibility, development and new and renewal construction.

HJK Management is built on a sound professional Engineering background of qualifications and hands-on experience, and has the flexibility and expertise to handle all aspects of project management from concept to completion and every phase in between.

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square Development /Project Planning
Development /Project Planning gives success in the start-up phase of your project which is critical because it will match the brief with your needs. HJK steers the planning process efficiently using only essential information developed by HJK-led consultants so that a concept design comprising regulatory constraints, bulk and location plans, commercial feasibility and schedule can be established.

square Design Management
Good design management stems from broad experience underpinned in this case by Hamish Kidd's civil engineering expertise. HJK will source and put in place design resources, set the schedule and "team" goals based on the concept design and importantly, "will steer the ship" towards achieving building consent and construction document outputs that are correct.

square Procurement Management
Sound procurement process for professional, equipment supply and construction services reduces risk and adds value. HJK will recommend the appropriate form of procurement process, provide a formal procurement plan for probity assurance, manage and act as the conduit for communication, evaluate and recommend the successful bids.

square Project/Engineering Management

Management breadth in the building phase to include administering and looking after the owners interests on their behalf throughout construction, arranging contracts in-house, development of detailed construction programmes along with progress reporting and quality assurance of construction operations via site inspections and reporting for remote certifiers.

square Railway Projects

Property and infrastructure projects for Kiwirail are a core part of HJK's business which has included equipment procurement, ICT, fibre optic rollout, enabling works and new yard development. HJK's Hamish Kidd has undertaken ITD-R safety training and is familiar with the necessary protocols for working within the rail corridor.

square Farm Dairy Effluent Design
Design and construction observation services specific to farm dairy effluent projects involving pond storage and effluent irrigation to land. HJK has leveraged off Hamish Kidd's historical expertise to service this market. The service meets the new IPENZ PN21: Farm Dairy Effluent Pond Design and Construction and the Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) Design Code of Practice standards.

square Local Authority Projects
Matching the considerable scope of work that councils juggle with their staff resources in which, particularly for large one-off projects or staff unavailability, is an area HJK can help. This has been demonstrated with Porirua City Council and the various projects HJK has delivered for them.

square School Support Services
Property management of school property is the responsibility of boards of trustees and the projects that stem from that, where required, are outsourced to project management companies. HJK has relationships in place for it to provide seamless design and management services to service school clients.

Thinking outside the square is what we focus on in the front end of any project; to constantly question current thinking on a stage by stage basis until its right.

Our expertise has stemmed from a sound technical base in engineering design, significant experience in the design and build process as a builder's design manager alongside consultants, developers and tenants. This experience qualifies us with a solid basis for good team leadership.

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