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The crucial part of any project is capturing the client's needs so they can realise them in the end product. Once the needs are understood it is simply a case of working through a process of ensuring the project will fit within the various compliance constraints so that design investment can be undertaken confidently. It's often the case that more than one option exists and option iterations start happening and its getting through this "fog" efficiently that is required. HJK looks to achieve this by providing a development planning report based on little other than plain box bulk and locations through to detailed master plans by consultants. Building bulk and location estimates to suit different models can be used to simulate separate development options but which all fit the master plan. This report comprises land-use and resource consent issues but most importantly commercial feasibilities with cash flows matching programs. This phase establishes the concept design with +/-5% accurate building areas and outline specifications for marketing purposes. This forms the brief and scope of work for the design phase of part or the entire project and can also be used for the Resource Consent application(s).

HJK Management, built on a sound professional Engineering background of qualifications and hands-on experience, has the flexibility and expertises to handle all aspects of project management from concept to completion and every phase in between.

HJK, through Hamish Kidd's experience as a development manager for Multiplex Developments brings this service to clients such as Buckle Barracks who were developing a Wellington site into the 14 storey Rococo hotel and apartment building. When HJK was appointed the building was drawn in 2 dimensions for presentation purposes without any idea of cladding, structure, services and fit out. Through carefully appointing a design team HJK initially focused on concept design options and tested them commercially before settling on or discarding scope options. A through development feasibility encompassing all costs and revenues from the project was developed along with its associated cash flow and programme. The foregoing effectively turned into a design management and then procurement role.

Another project HJK performed identically to the foregoing was for Icam who were developing an existing motor camp at Otaki Beach north of Wellington into the modern living community focussed Seagrass Estate development of up to 52 dwellings. This project had strong land use and subdivision consent aspects to it that HJK was actively involved in because it involved public notification and thus experience strengthened HJK's capabilities in development management.

The Tony's Tyres retail outlet completed for ICON is a project that encompassed the foregoing requirements and was then constructed so is a project where HJK was responsible for every facet of the project from start to finish.

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If you are a company or organisation with possible need of project management expertise we would welcome the opportunity to discuss possible approaches and to suggest solutions where we feel we can be of valuable assistance to you and your team.


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